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Revoke Becomes Established

A revoke becomes established:

  1. when the offender or his partner leads or plays to the following trick (any such play, legal or illegal, establishes the revoke).
  2. when the offender or his partner names or otherwise designates a card to be played to the following trick.
  3. when a member of the offending side makes a claim or concession of tricks orally or by facing his hand or in any other way.
  4. when agreement is established (as per Law 69A) to an opponent’s claim or concession; the offending side having raised no objection to it before the end of the round, or before making a call on a subsequent board.

Revoke May Not Be Corrected

Once a revoke is established, it may no longer be corrected (except as provided in Law 62D for a revoke on the twelfth trick or as in Law 62C3), and the trick on which the revoke occurred stands as played.