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Cards from Wrong Board

  1. A call is cancelled (together with any subsequent call) if it is made by a player holding cards that he has picked up from a wrong board.
    1. If the offender’s partner has subsequently called, the Director shall award an adjusted score.
    2. Otherwise, after looking at the correct hand the offender calls again and the auction continues normally from that point.
    3. Law 16C applies to any call withdrawn or cancelled.
  2. If the offender subsequently repeats his call on the board from which he mistakenly drew his cards the Director may allow that board to be played normally, but the Director shall award an adjusted score when offender’s call differs* from his original cancelled call.
  3. A procedural penalty (Law 90) may be assessed in addition to the rectifications above.

Wrong Board Discovered During Auction or Play Period**

If, after the commencement of the auction period, the Director discovers that a contestant is playing a board not designated for him to play in the current round, then:

  1. if one or more players at the table have previously played the board, with the correct opponents or otherwise, the board is cancelled for both his side and his opponents.
  2. if none of the four players have previously played the board the Director shall require the auction and play to be completed. He allows the score to stand and may require both pairs to play the correct board against one another later.
  3. the Director shall award an artificial adjusted score [see Law 12C2(a)] to any contestant deprived of the opportunity to earn a valid score.

* A substituted call differs if its meaning is much different or if it is psychic.

** This law only applies to pair and individual events – see Law 86B for team events.