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Defender Fails to Play Penalty Card

When a defender fails to lead or play a penalty card as required by Law 50 or Law 51, he may not, on his own initiative, withdraw any other card he has played.

Defender Plays Another Card

    1. If a defender has led or played another card when required by law to play a penalty card, declarer may accept such lead or play.
    2. Declarer must accept such lead or play if he has thereafter played from his own hand or dummy.
    3. If the played card is accepted under either (a) or (b) any unplayed penalty card remains a penalty card.
  1. If declarer does not accept the card illegally played or led the defender must substitute the penalty card for the card illegally played or led. Every card illegally led or played by the defender in the course of committing the irregularity becomes a major penalty card.