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Lead Out of Turn Treated as Correct Lead

Prior to the thirteenth trick*, any lead faced out of turn may be treated as a correct lead (but see Law 47E1). It becomes a correct lead if declarer or either defender, as the case may be, accepts it by making a statement to that effect, or if a play is made from the hand next in rotation to the irregular lead (but see B). If there is no such acceptance or play, the Director will require that the lead be made from the correct hand (and see Law 47B).

Proper Lead Made Subsequent to Irregular Lead

Subject to Law 53A, if it was properly the turn to lead of an opponent of the player who led out of turn, that opponent may make his proper lead to the trick of the infraction without his card being deemed played to the irregular lead. When this occurs, the proper lead stands and all cards played in error to this trick may be withdrawn, but Law 16C applies.

Wrong Defender Plays Card to Declarer’s Irregular Lead

If declarer leads out of turn from either his own hand or from dummy, and the defender to the right of the irregular lead plays a card (but see B), the lead stands and Law 57 applies.

* A lead out of turn at trick thirteen must be retracted.