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Completed Trick

When four cards have been played to a trick, each player turns his own card face down near him on the table.

Keeping Track of the Ownership of Tricks

  1. If the player’s side has won the trick, the card is pointed lengthwise toward his partner.
  2. If the opponents have won the trick, the card is pointed lengthwise toward the opponents.
  3. A player may draw attention to a card pointed incorrectly, but this right expires when his side leads or plays to the following trick. If done later Law 16B may apply.


Each player arranges his own cards in an orderly overlapping row in the sequence played, so as to permit review of the play after its completion, if necessary to determine the number of tricks won by each side or the order in which the cards were played.

Agreement on Results of Play

A player should not disturb the order of his played cards until agreement has been reached on the number of tricks won. A player who fails to comply with the provisions of this Law jeopardizes his right to claim ownership of doubtful tricks or to claim (or deny) a revoke.