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When the Director is called to rule on a point of law or regulation, and the facts are agreed, he rules as follows:

No Rectification

If no rectification is prescribed by law, and there is no occasion for him to exercise his discretionary powers, he directs the players to proceed with the auction or play.

Law Provides Rectification

If the case is clearly covered by a Law that prescribes the rectification for the irregularity, he determines that rectification and ensures that it is implemented.

Player’s Option

If a Law gives a player a choice of rectification the Director explains the options and sees that the choice is made and implemented.

Director’s Option

The Director rules any doubtful point in favour of the non-offending side. He seeks to restore equity. If in his judgement it is probable that a non-offending side has been damaged by an irregularity for which these laws provide no rectification he adjusts the score (see Law 12).