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Simultaneous Plays by Two Players

A lead or play made simultaneously with another player’s legal lead or play is deemed to be subsequent to it.

Simultaneous Cards from One Hand

If a player leads or plays two or more cards simultaneously:

  1. If the face of only one card is visible, that card is played; all other cards are picked up and there is no further rectification (see Law 47F).
  2. If the face of more than one card is visible, the offending player designates the card he proposes to play; when he is a defender, each other card exposed becomes a penalty card (see Law 50).
  3. After an offending player withdraws a visible card, an opponent who subsequently played to that trick may withdraw his play and substitute another card without further rectification (but see Law 16C).
  4. If the simultaneous play remains undiscovered until both sides have played to the next trick, Law 67 applies.