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Play of Card after Irregularity

  1. A play by a member of the non-offending side after his RHO has led or played out of turn or prematurely, and before rectification has been assessed, forfeits the right to rectification of that offence.
  2. Once the right to rectification has been forfeited, the illegal play is treated as though it were in turn (except when Law 53B applies).
  3. If the offending side has a previous obligation to play a penalty card, or to comply with a lead or play restriction, the obligation remains at future turns.

Defender Plays before Required Lead by Declarer

When a defender plays a card after declarer has been required to retract his lead out of turn from either hand, but before declarer has led from the correct hand, the defender’s card becomes a major penalty card (Law 50).

Play by Offending Side before Assessment of Rectification

A play by a member of the offending side before rectification has been assessed does not affect the rights of the opponents, and may itself be subject to rectification.