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Agreement on Tricks Won

  1. The number of tricks won shall be agreed upon before all four hands have been returned to the board.
  2. A player must not knowingly accept either the score for a trick that his side did not win or the concession of a trick that his opponents could not lose.

Disagreement on Tricks Won

If a disagreement arises, the Director must be called, then:

  1. The Director determines whether there has been a claim or concession and, if so, applies Law 69B or Law 71.
  2. If B1 above does not apply, the Director rules what score is to be recorded.
  3. If the Director is not called before the round ends, the score may be changed for both sides only when he is clearly convinced as to the result obtained at the table. Otherwise he should either allow the recorded score to stand, or decrease the score for one side without increasing it for the other.

Error in Score

  1. An error in recording or computing the agreed-upon score, whether made by a player or an official, may be corrected until the expiration of the period(s) specified by the Tournament Organizer. Unless the Tournament Organizer specifies a later* time, this Correction Period expires 30 minutes after the official score has been made available for inspection.
  2. Subject to approval by the Tournament Organizer, a scoring error may be corrected after expiry of the Correction Period if the Director is satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the record is wrong.

* An earlier time may be specified when required by the special nature of a contest