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The Regulating Authority

  1. The Regulating Authority under these laws is:
    1. for its own world tournaments and events the World Bridge Federation.
    2. the respective Zonal Authority for tournaments and events held under its auspices.
    3. for any other tournament or event the National Bridge Organization under whose auspices the tournament takes place.
  2. The Regulating Authority has the responsibilities and powers specified in these laws.
  3. The Regulating Authority may delegate its powers (retaining ultimate responsibility for their exercise) or it may assign them (in which case it has no further responsibility for their exercise).

Tournament Organizer

  1. The Regulating Authority may recognize an entity, designated the ‘Tournament Organizer’, which subject to the requirements of the Regulating Authority and these laws is responsible for arranging and preparing a tournament or event. The Tournament Organizer’s powers and duties may be delegated but the responsibility for their performance is retained. The Regulating Authority and the Tournament Organizer may be the same body.
  2. The Tournament Organizer’s powers and duties include:
    1. appointment of the Director. If there is no appointed Director the players should designate a person to perform his functions.
    2. to make advance arrangements for the tournament, including playing quarters, equipment and all other logistical requirements.
    3. to establish the date and time of each session.
    4. to establish the conditions of entry.
    5. to establish the conditions for bidding and play in accordance with these laws, together with any special conditions (as, for example, play with screens – provisions for rectification of actions not transmitted across the screen may be varied).
    6. to announce regulations supplementary to, but not in conflict with, these Laws.
      1. to arrange* for the appointment of any assistants required for the Director.
      2. to appoint other staff and prescribe their duties and responsibilities.
    7. to arrange* for entries to be accepted and listed.
    8. to establish suitable conditions of play and announce them to the contestants.
    9. to arrange* for scores to be collected, results tabulated, and an official record made of them.
    10. to make suitable arrangements for the conduct of appeals under Law 93.
    11. any other powers and duties conferred in these laws.

* It is normal in some jurisdictions for the Director to assume responsibility for some or all of the tasks that the Tournament Organizer is here required to arrange.