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Official Status

The Director is the official representative of the Tournament Organizer.

Restrictions and Responsibilities

  1. The Director is responsible for the on-site technical management of the tournament. He has powers to remedy any omissions of the Tournament Organizer.
  2. The Director applies, and is bound by, these Laws and supplementary regulations announced under authority given in these Laws.

Director’s Duties and Powers

The Director (not the players) has the responsibility for rectifying irregularities and redressing damage. The Director’s duties and powers normally include also the following:

  1. to maintain discipline and to ensure the orderly progress of the game.
  2. to administer and interpret these Laws and to advise the players of their rights and responsibilities thereunder.
  3. to rectify an error or irregularity of which he becomes aware in any manner, within the periods established in accordance with Laws 79C and 92B.
  4. to assess rectification when applicable and to exercise the powers given him in Laws 90 and 91.
  5. to waive rectification for cause, in his discretion, upon the request of the non-offending side.
  6. to adjust disputes.
  7. to refer any matter to an appropriate committee.
  8. to report results for the official record if the Tournament Organizer requires it and to deal with any other matters delegated to him by the Tournament Organizer.

Delegation of Duties

The Director may delegate any of his duties to assistants, but he is not thereby relieved of responsibility for their correct performance.