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No Appeals Committee

The Director in charge shall hear and rule upon all appeals if there is no Appeals Committee [or if no alternative arrangement has been made under Law 80B2(k)], or if such cannot operate without disturbing the orderly progress of the tournament.

Appeals Committee Available

If a committee (or authorized alternative) is available:

  1. The Director in charge shall hear and rule upon such part of the appeal as deals solely with the Law or regulations. His ruling may be appealed to the committee.
  2. The Director in charge shall refer all other appeals for adjudication.
  3. In adjudicating appeals, the committee (or the authorized alternative) may exercise all powers assigned by these Laws to the Director, except that it may not overrule the Director in charge on a point of law or regulations, or on exercise of his Law 91 disciplinary powers. (It may recommend to the Director in charge that he change such a ruling.)

Further Possibilities of Appeal

  1. Regulating Authorities may establish procedures for further appeals after the foregoing procedures have been exhausted. Any such further appeal, if deemed to lack merit, may be the subject of a sanction imposed by regulation.
  2. The Director in charge or the reviewing body may refer a matter for later consideration by the Regulating Authority. The Regulating Authority has authority to resolve any matter finally.
    1. Notwithstanding 1 and 2 above, where deeming it crucial to the progress of the tournament, the Regulating Authority may assign to a specified tournament body the responsibility for dealing finally with any appeal and, along with the parties to the appeal, is then bound by the outcome.
    2. With due notice given to the contestants a Regulating Authority may authorize the omission or modification of such stages as it wishes of the appeals process set out in these Laws.*

* The Regulating Authority is responsible for compliance with any national law that may affect its action.