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Right to Determine Rectification

The Director alone has the right to determine rectifications when applicable. Players do not have the right to determine (or waive – see Law 81C5) rectifications on their own initiative.

Cancellation of Enforcement or Waiver of Rectification

The Director may allow or cancel any enforcement or waiver of a rectification made by the players without his instructions.

Choice after Irregularity

  1. When these Laws provide an option after an irregularity, the Director shall explain all the options available.
  2. If a player has an option after an irregularity, he must make his selection without consulting partner.
  3. When these Laws provide the innocent side with an option after an irregularity committed by an opponent, it is appropriate to select the most advantageous action.
  4. Subject to Law 16C2, after rectification of an infraction it is appropriate for the offenders to make any call or play advantageous to their side, even though they thereby appear to profit through their own infraction (but see Laws Law 27 and Law 72C).