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Drawing Attention to an Irregularity

  1. Unless prohibited by Law, any player may draw attention to an irregularity during the auction period, whether or not it is his turn to call.
  2. Unless prohibited by Law, declarer or either defender may draw attention to an irregularity that occurs during the play period. For an incorrectly pointed card see Law 65B3.
  3. Any player, including dummy, may attempt to prevent an irregularity (but for dummy subject to Laws 42 and 43).
  4. Dummy may not call attention to an irregularity until play of the hand is concluded (but see Law 20F5 for correction of declarer’s apparently mistaken explanation).
  5. There is no obligation to draw attention to an infraction of law committed by one’s own side (but see Law 20F5 for correction of partner’s apparently mistaken explanation).

After Attention Is Drawn to an Irregularity

    1. The Director should be summoned at once when attention is drawn to an irregularity.
    2. Any player, including dummy, may summon the Director after attention has been drawn to an irregularity.
    3. Summoning the Director does not cause a player to forfeit any rights to which he might otherwise be entitled.
    4. The fact that a player draws attention to an irregularity committed by his side does not affect the rights of the opponents.
  1. No player shall take any action until the Director has explained all matters in regard to rectification.

Premature Correction of an Irregularity

Any premature correction of an irregularity by the offender may subject him to a further rectification (see the lead restrictions in Law 26B).