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When a player has bid out of rotation, has passed artificially or has passed partner’s artificial call (see Law 30C) and the call is cancelled, the option in Law 29A not having been exercised, the following provisions apply:

RHO’s Turn to Call

When the offender has called at his RHO’s turn to call, then:

  1. If that opponent passes, offender must repeat the call out of rotation, and when that call is legal there is no rectification.
  2. If that opponent makes a legal* bid, double or redouble, offender may make any legal call:
    1. When the call is a comparable call (see Law 23A), there is no further rectification. Law 26B does not apply, but see Law 23C.
    2. When the call is not a comparable call (see Law 23A), offender’s partner must pass when next it is his turn to call. Laws 16C, 26B and 72C may apply.

Partner’s or LHO’s Turn to Call

When the offender has bid at his partner’s turn to call, or at his LHO’s turn to call if the offender has not previously called, then:

  1. Offender’s partner may make any legal call at his proper turn, but Law 16C2 applies.
  2. Offender may make any legal call at his correct turn and the Director rules as in A2(a) or A2(b) above.

Later Bids at LHO’s Turn to Call

Later bids at LHO’s turn to call are treated as changes of call and Law 25 applies.

* An illegal call by RHO is rectified as usual.