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Declarer’s Lead Accepted

If declarer has led out of turn from his or dummy’s hand then either defender may accept the lead as provided in Law 53 or require its retraction (after misinformation, see Law 47E1). If the defenders choose differently then the option expressed by the player next in turn to the irregular lead shall prevail.

Declarer Required to Retract Lead

  1. If declarer has led from his or dummy’s hand when it was a defender’s turn to lead, and has been required to retract such lead per Law 55A, declarer restores the card led in error to the proper hand. No further rectification applies.
  2. If declarer has led from the wrong hand when it was his turn to lead from his hand or dummy’s, and has been required to retract the lead per Law 55A, he withdraws the card led in error. He must lead from the correct hand.

Declarer Might Obtain Information

When declarer adopts a line of play that could have been based on information obtained through his infraction, Law 16 applies.