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European Youth Bridge Pairs Championship 2012

20th December 2011



The Presidents of the EBL NBOs

EBL Executive Committee

EBL Youth Committee


11th European Youth Bridge Pairs Championship

Organised by the European Bridge League

In cooperation with the Danish Bridge Federation


Dear President and Friend,

I am very prealsed to infrom you that the 11th European Youth Bridge Pairs Championship will be held at

Vingsted Hotel

Vejle, Denmark

1st to 6th July 2012

This championship will take place according to the following programme:

  • Opening Ceremony: 19.30 - Sunday 1st July
  • Mixed competition 10.00 - Monday 2nd July
  • Mixed competition 10.00 - Tuesday 3rd July
  • Pairs qualification sessions 10.00 - Wednesday 4th July
  • Pairs semi-final sessions 10.00 - Thursday 5th July
  • Pairs final sessions 10.00 - Friday 6th July
  • Closing Ceremony & Prize Giving 20.00 - Friday 6th July

Beginning of next year, you will receive a second letter with all detailed information (champioship format, entry fees, hotel etc...) useful for the registration of your players.


Sincerely yours

Yves Aubry